Elton John and David Furnish

Sir Elton John will finally swear before God and the law of his longtime partner David Furnish. The couple plans to raise small wedding on December 21, writes magazine People.
The singer and his beloved have been together 21 years. Only now, however, can not officially sign after finally England were legalized gay marriage. Earlier, David revealed that they plan to marry in May, but it seems they still want to meet in 2015 as spouses.
Close to the stars uttered that most likely the ceremony will take place at their mansion in Windsor.
In 2005, Elton and David raised a huge party, which wanted to show the world they are a couple and live in cohabitation.
The party for $ 2 million came many stars including Victoria Beckham and Ringo Starr. And though it was some form of marriage between the two, no legal weight.
John and Furnish are connected not only by the strong love between them, and by his two sons Zachary and Elijah.